The international cloud, a gateway with global service and game providers, and other projects whose details are explained by the engineers of the Libyan International Telecommunication Company


M. Amir Shabchub of the Libyan International Telecommunication Company stated in an interview with our source about the company’s latest that, “We are the international gateway to Libya, which links the country to the world, whether through the Internet or international communications, through submarine cables that are supplied to companies in the sector in general.”

He added: “We have several projects that will be launched soon, and we aspire to be the regional partner for many companies in the Maghreb and North Africa, given the strategic geographical location of our country.”

He continued: “Among these projects, there is a project to support and monitor operating systems O.O.S and the international cloud I.C.C in partnership with Microsoft, the latest of which is the project to build the largest data exchange center in North Africa.”

M. Mohamed Nashnoush said: “Taking about the international cloud, this project aims to connect any telecom customer in Libya to the well-known global cloud services, the International Telecommunication Company, thanks to the infrastructure it owns of fiber-optic cables linking Libya to the outside world.”

“There are a total of 3 cables, one of which is Derna – Greece and Tripoli – Italy. Thanks to this feature, we have started an international cloud project to provide services through Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.”

He concluded by saying: “We have another new project that we expect to start operating at the end of this year, which is the I.X.P. “International Gateway,” which links Libya with global content providers led by Metaverse, google, Amazon, Netflix and global game providers. This project will contribute to reducing the cost and increasing the quality of performance in terms of reducing the response time.