Al-Sour: “Swift Results of Investigations into Dam Maintenance Neglect in Derna, Some Responsible Parties Identified”


The Public Prosecutor, Seddiq Al-Sour, explained in a statement to Libya Al-Ahrar channel, monitored by Economic Sada Newspaper, that the investigations regarding the dams collapse of Derna file are serious and quick, and the prevention included in the investigations includes multiple incidents and a large time frame that began more than two decades ago, and the prosecution began collecting all the data on this file.

He pointed out that rushing the case file is useless, “but we assure that it will not be delayed,” stressing that the prosecution will take the necessary measures to achieve justice and determine responsibility, and the prosecution was able to identify some of those responsible for the negligence.

He also explained that the investigation will include all dams in Libya and encroachments on valley paths that violate the laws, and all violating buildings in the eastern regions will be removed in coordination with the army and the Ministry of Interior in the eastern region.