Ben Ayyad’s attempt to transfer Libyana profits to the Telecom Holding Company


Private sources revealed exclusively to us an attempt to transfer one billion dinars from Libyana to the holding account, and due to the refusal of the board of directors to transfer the amount, the board of directors was changed.

According to the source, the money of the telecommunications companies is now being collected in a central account in the holding. Then the money is disposed of, based on messages from the Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, Abdul Hamid Dbeiba.

Our source obtained exclusively a correspondence proving the demand of the Chairman of the Telecommunication Holding Company, Mohamed Ben Ayed, that the Libyana Company quickly transfer the amounts due for the years, with a total value of 978,042 million, to the telecommunications accounts.

Ben Ayyad had changed the board of directors of Libyana Company, headed by Al-Bourawi, in a commercial registry published exclusively by us for the past period.