Central Bank of Libya reveals revenues and expenditures until the end of last September


The Central Bank of Libya, issued its monthly statement of public revenues and expenditures, which covers the period from January 1 to September 30, 2022.

According to the Central Bank, total oil sales revenues amounted to 89.7 billion, and total expenditures amounted to 67.2 billion.

In detail, the Central Bank said revenues from oil sales amounted to 67 billion, while revenues from oil royalties amounted to 9.5 billion, and revenues from oil royalties for previous years amounted to 11.4 billion, while tax revenues amounted to 787 million, customs revenues amounted to 146 million dinars, while communications revenues amounted to 146 million and revenues from the sale of fuels of the local market has reached 115 million, and other revenues amounted to 584 million, with a total of 89.7 billion.

Expenditures, according to the Central Bank, in detail, related to the salary section amounted to 32.2 billion, related to the operating expenses reached 6.9 billion, related to the section of development reached 378 million, related to the section of support 12.6 billion, related to the section of emergency was 0, and the extraordinary National Oil Corporation budget reached 15.2 billion, with a total of 67.2 billion.