Exclusive Interview: Hamouda Reveals World Bank Support Request Details and His Response Exclusively to Our Source


The spokesman for the Government of National Unity, Mohamed Hamouda, revealed exclusively to Sour source regarding the request of the Ministry of Finance of the Government of National Unity for support from the World Bank.

He said: “The Minister of Finance issued a correspondence in which he addressed several international bodies, such as the World Bank, the African Bank, the African Development Bank, the Islamic Bank, and the correspondence to the World Bank. He requested several things, including a committee to urgently evaluate the availability of the system and a working mechanism to urgently assess damage to areas of floods and natural disasters.”

He added: “The Minister also requested facilitation in the process of bank transfers and the issue of studying the management of funds, including (reconstruction funds), and therefore, through this correspondence, they communicated with the Minister and the Government of National Unity and reported forming an evaluation team and allocating a financial value for this work.”

He stated that any action regarding fund management and reconstruction requires greater measures and broader discussions at the level of the authorities in Libya as well as at the level of the World Bank.

Hamouda denied what was being circulated on several pages regarding loans to Libya from the World Bank, stating that the World Bank’s response included the formation of a damage assessment team, and the team works through their use of satellite technologies in cooperation with state institutions to provide them with the required data.