Highlights of what Dbeibeh decided at the second regular cabinet meeting for the year 2023 in Jumayl city


During his second regular cabinet meeting for the year 2023, held in the city of Jumayl, Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh, decided to approve the minutes of the previous meeting, and to approve the establishment of branches of the Ministry of Justice within the scope of Derna Court of Appeal under the name : the branch of the Ministry of Justice, Derna.

He also granted permission to the Civil Aviation Authority to complete the awarding procedures and contract for the implementation of a project to supply (3) radar stations for the conduct of air traffic, and to exclude them from the conditions for providing a letter of guarantee of primary insurance (05%) when submitting offers, and to grant permission to the Roads and Bridges Authority to contract by direct assignment with Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar Public Works Company to implement projects for emergency and periodic maintenance works in Al-Bayda municipality.

Also, permission was granted to the Ministry of Communications to contract with international consulting offices to prepare economic, planning and technical feasibility studies for the implementation of the transit road projects (Misrata – Tamanhint Agades) and the transit road (Benghazi – Kufra – Sudan), allocating the necessary financial coverage from the 2023 budget, and approving the upgrading of the Daphnia health center to a complex of clinics that enjoys a legal personality and independent financial disclosure, and granting permission to the Housing and Utilities Projects Execution Agency to contract directly with specialized consulting companies to prepare the necessary studies and designs for the implementation of integrated facilities projects for the cities (Tajoura – Janzour – Zawiya – Zuwara – Al-Jumayl – Raqdalin), and approving a site in the municipality of Ain Zara (formerly Al-Saadawi Camp) as a service center for the region.

It was also decided to approve Appendix No. 2 submitted by the Housing and Utilities Projects Implementation Authority regarding the contract concluded with a consortium of Egyptian companies regarding the implementation of the Third Ring Road project in the city of Tripoli, and to grant permission to the Ministry of Culture to sign the memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the cultural field with the Republic of Turkey, and to approve the memorandum of understanding signed between The Libyan Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation and the Tunisian Ministry of Employment and Training in the field of employment, labor exchange and vocational training, and the approval of transferring the affiliation of the Libyan Student Sports Federation to the Ministry of Youth.

Permission was also granted to the General Electricity Company to initiate negotiation procedures with Medelec Company for the supply of materials and equipment required to implement projects for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the public lighting network in the central region and to repair the damage to the network in the regions (Misrata – Tawergha – Abu Qurain – Abu Najim – Sirte – Al-Jufra) and granting permission to the Electricity Company to contract with (Electrical Industries) and (MEDLEC) for a project to supply 11 kV stations (single and double rails), and approving the renaming of the Institute of Diplomatic Studies to the Mansour Al-Kikhia Institute for Diplomatic Studies in honor of Professor Mansour Al-Kikhia, the human rights activist and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Libya. Libya’s permanent representative to the United Nations during the monarchy.

The Development of Administrative Centers Authority has also been assigned to complete and develop Al-Ajailat General Hospital, to approve the results of the Prime Minister’s initiative committee for youth lending and housing and needy families, which will be announced tomorrow, Thursday, and to give permission to the Ministry of Social Affairs to supply 2,000 Braille readers for our sighted children.