Al-Zubik reveals the future projects of the Ministry of Economy


The Director of the Private Sector Development and Investment Department at the Ministry of Economy and Trade, Mussa Al-Zubik, said exclusively to our source: “A cooperation agreement was signed with Expertise France to start the third project with the “UNIPOL” Foundation. This project is considered a continuation of the previous projects that were carried out after the resounding success in these projects, including Libya’s nomination for an international award, among five countries out of 190 countries. This itself is considered to be the successful completion of a platform of actions in this regard.”

He added: “To complement the efforts made by the supporters of Expertise France to enable the administrative staff and authority of the Ministry of Economy and the relevant authorities on this platform, this will be the second and third step of these procedures.”

He continued: “The agreement is the beginning of a new project that has three main basics, which are to strengthen the capabilities of the Ministry of Economy, the digital transformation and economic diversity, and to assist the Central Bank of Libya in the process of accessing financing for small and medium projects after the successes we have undertaken in the projects.”