Ben Ayed participates in the activities of the International Arbitration Conference in Libya


The Chairman of the Board of Directors of LPTIC, Mr. Mohamed ben Ayed, accompanied by the head of the Administrative Control Authority, Professor Counselor Suleiman Al-Shanti, in the activities of the International Arbitration Conference in Libya, organized and supervised by the Administrative Control Authority and the Libyan Academy for Postgraduate Studies.

All the attendees stressed the importance of holding this conference in Libya, and the importance of arbitration in preserving the country’s commercial, economic and investment interests.

The conference, in which a group of the most prominent specialists in the field of local, Arab and international arbitration will participate, aims to spread the culture of arbitration, highlight its role and importance in investment, and benefit from successful experiences and practices locally and internationally in the field of international arbitration. In view of the latter’s advantages that made it the ideal means for resolving disputes between contracting parties, especially in the field of international contracts, because of being a means of attracting foreign investments, which are the aspects that the country needs in light of its exceptional circumstance to achieve stability.