Exclusive: Al-Bidja reveals to our source the details of what happened in detail regarding the ship accused of oil smuggling


The Coast Guard officer, Abdul Rahman Milad, nicknamed Al-Bidja, revealed in an exclusive statement to our source that the ship that was seized today is Syrian, adding that the ship’s movement departed from Syria and not Turkey, as is being circulated.

Milad confirmed in his exclusive statement that what happened today has nothing to do with the ongoing clashes in the city of Zawiya, and that the people on the ship went from Libya to Gabes and came from Gabes, according to him.

The Coast Guard officer, Abdel Rahman Milad, nicknamed Al-Bidja, had announced in a previous time the arrest of the smuggling ship targeting the Libyans’ food by the Zawiya refinery point of the Western Coast Guard sector, north of the Abu Kammash area.