Exclusive Insights: Al-Bayda Medical Center Director Reveals Millions in Losses and Details the Extent of Damage


The director of the medical center in Al-Bayda, Abdul-Rahim Maziq, revealed in an exclusive statement to our source about the city’s situation as a result of the floods and Hurricane Daniel that struck the city: “The city’s situation is considered catastrophic and in a state afflicted by floods, with power outages and all means of communication cut off, and rescue teams are trying to save families trapped by floods.”

He continued by saying: “The torrential rains entered Al-Bayda Medical Center as a result of the collapse of the built-up wall, and as a result, the building was evacuated and patients were evacuated from it.”

He added: “The material losses are very large, estimated at millions, and the loss of a number of important devices, such as the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine.”

He said that the death statistics “that reached us are 20 deaths, 7 from inside the city of Al-Bayda, 6 from the city of Shahat, and 7 from the Qandola region on the outskirts of the city of Al-Bayda.”

He reported that he had received many reports of deaths to Al-Bayda Medical Center, but so far they have not reached the center.