In an exclusive interview with our source, Al-Ta’eb reveals the electricity situation in the upcoming summer, new projects, and salaries


The official spokesman for the General Electricity Company, Wiam Al-Ta’eb, said in an exclusive interview with our source that the General Electricity Company is still carrying out major overhaul work at the North Benghazi station, and work has been underway for a while on the overhaul of the sixth unit, and the overhaul of the first unit will begin, and these works come within the framework of preparations of the company for the upcoming summer rush.

Al-Ta’eb added that the company is still carrying out overhaul work for the units at the Al-Ruwais station in the Western Mountain, and that the overhaul process for the stations is still continuing, just as the West Tripoli station project is still undergoing operational trials with all its four units on the public electricity network.

He also explained that within the framework of the strategic plan set by the company’s board of directors for the development of the public electricity network, it was announced that the Zliten gas station project would be signed with Elsewedy Electric and the Erbakan Company regarding the station supplied by Siemens International, and this station will be 1044 megawatts and consists of six units. ..

He pointed out, during his speech to our source, that the summer peak period will be different from the past 10 years, and the company will fulfill its promises as it fulfilled its promises during the winter season and the holy month of Ramadan, and the production is currently 8200 megawatts, and the Board of Directors seeks to reach 8700 megawatts during the coming period …

He added that the company is seeking to implement several strategic projects that support the public network and benefit as much as possible from all available resources, as the implementation of the first solar power plant in Al-Sdada area with a capacity of up to (500 megawatts) has been implemented by the French company TotalEnergies, and this comes in the context of joint cooperation between the General Electricity Company and the Renewable Energies Authority to implement the strategic plan to integrate the electric capacities produced from renewable energy sources into the public electricity network …

As for settling the conditions of the employees, he explained, saying that the company has an independent financial liability and is not funded by the public treasury and is not subject to the unified salary scale. However, a salary scale for the company has been drawn up and approved by the General Assembly, and it will be implemented soon, and the matter depends on some arrangements in the financial department of the company.

He concluded his speech by saying that the Board of Directors, when it assumed its duties, received a large legacy and many files that needed treatment, but the company placed the production file as one of the priorities for urgent treatment, and we assure all citizens that the company entered a new era and is moving forward in ending the load shedding crisis that citizens suffered from, and the summer season will be different from what Libyans experienced in past years.