National Commercial Bank announces the launch of Islamic products and reveals their date


In an exclusive statement to our source, the Assistant Director-General of the Islamic Banking Sector, Farid Suhaib, revealed that Islamic products will be launched after Eid Al-Adha, with a basket of products for individuals in order to meet their desires, as it is characterized by comprehensiveness.

He continued: “It includes cars, furniture, building materials, as well as loans for benefits that include marriage, health, treatment, education, tourism, Hajj and Umrah and others, which are approved by the Board of Directors and the Shariah Supervisory Board of the bank.”

It is noteworthy that the General Manager of the National Commercial Bank Hamdi Radwan has stated exclusively to our source: “We assure customers that the transfer process has been successful and the doors of the bank are open to our valued customers to carry out banking operations, transfers, withdrawals and deposits.

Liquidity is available until the blessed Eid al-Adha, and on Saturday, branches will be opened to enable customers to withdraw withdrawals and current accounts. In appreciation of the customers’ circumstances, the deduction of installments, loans, advances, and all liabilities that are made after Eid Al-Adha has been postponed, and all the bank’s branches are open, liquidity is available and all its services are available.”