New Issue of Derna Dam Collapse Revealed, Mentioning Gaddafi, his son Saif, and Ministry of Water Officials, Says American Newspaper


The American newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, revealed, through a report published today, new information regarding the issue of the explosion of dams in Derna and the neglect of their maintenance.

The report said that in 2003, the Swiss company (Stucky) evaluated the dams in Libya and requested that they be strengthened and supported with a third dam.

It added: “Because of Gaddafi’s problems with Switzerland and Hannibal’s detention, the company’s owner miraculously escaped from Libya after his partner was arrested.

Saif Gaddafi intervened and stopped the amounts allocated to companies for large projects after his conflict with the government.”

It reported contracting with the Turkish company (Arsel), which began work in 2010 but stopped after the events of 2011.

According to the report, an opportunity arose to restart work on the project in 2021, and because of the conflict between the Minister of Water and his deputy, he stopped because he submitted a request to the Central Bank to stop any payments regarding water projects.