Our source exclusively publishes the inflation rate during the third quarter of the year


Our source obtained exclusively the statement of the Research and Statistics Department of the Central Bank of Libya regarding inflation, as the data issued by the Statistics and Census Authority and the Ministry of Planning indicate that the general index of consumer prices increased during the third quarter of the current year 2022 to record 289.2 points, an increase of 11.9 points on the basis of Annually, compared to 277.3 points during the third quarter of the previous year, with an inflation rate of (4.3%).

By analyzing price trends in commodity groups during the third quarter of 2022 and on an annual basis, the inflation rate has increased in all commodity groups.

The index for the foodstuff group reached 328.2 points, an increase of 11.8 points, equivalent to 3.7%, and the index for the tobacco group scored 265.0 points, i.e. an increase of 0.9 points, equivalent to 0.3%. The index for the clothing and shoe group also scored 435.9 points, which is, an increase. 18.8 points, equivalent to 4.5%.

The index for the housing, water, electricity, gas, and other fuels group also increased, as it scored 193.5 points, with a noticeable increase of 16.5 points, equivalent to 9.3%. The index also rose for the furniture and home appliances group by 12.2 points, to record 367.7 points or 3.4%. As for the health group, it scored 350.1 points, an increase of 12 points, or 3.5%. And just as the index for the transport group increased by 7.9 points to reach 211.0 points, equivalent to 3.9%, the communications group also increased by 0.6 points, to record 83.9 points, an increase of 0.7%, and the index for the entertainment and culture group scored 208.1. That is, an increase of 3.2 points, equivalent to 1.6%. The index of the education group increased by 0.8 points, to reach 380.8 points, equivalent to 0.2%.

As for the restaurants and hotels group, the index also increased, recording 347.6 points, an increase of 4.7 points, or 1.4%. Likewise, the other goods and services group witnessed an increase in the index by 11.6 points, recording 301.9 points, an increase of 4.0%.