Katti reveals in details about the increase in the number of embassies and discloses an integrated plan


The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Omar Katti, revealed exclusively to our source that the huge size of the Libyan embassies is the result of a previous policy to expand and establish political relations with all countries of the world to play a specific role. The goal of the Libyan state was to be present in all forums and to strengthen its global role.

He continued: “At the present time, and in such conditions that Libya is witnessing, we had to reconsider the map of diplomatic action. However, this matter requires a legislative authority because severing relations or closing the embassy requires a decision from the legislative authority and the transitional government cannot do that.”

He stated: “We in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have tried to reduce the diplomatic presence, reduce the burden on the state budget, and strengthen our presence in important countries, but this requires an integrated plan with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of Civil Service to develop an executive program for this project.”